Love and War: Consequences of wickedness Episode 4

Love and War: Consequences of wickedness Episode 4

“For what reason are you lying on the floor , don’t you like the bed!
“Indeed Sir, she answered .
“What do you mean by yes sir ” Chinedu asked fretfully.
“Lady cautioned me not to rest on the bed
“What! are u certain of that”
“Indeed Sir”, She had said

controlling his outrage, he had chosen not to express anything before Rosa any longer, all things considered, similar to they said, ‘the palm wine tapper doesn’t say all that he saw while tapping’.

“Presently for what reason would you say you were crying? He inquired
“Nothing sir” She answered

What do you mean by nothing? I heard you plainly. I remained by your entryway and heard you crying for more than two minutes prior to thumping. I will beat the damnation out you now in the event that you don’t open up this moment! Do you believe am here to play find the stowaway with you? My companion talked now ! Chinedu said, sounding extremely furious.

“Satisfy Sir, aunt will kill me assuming she understood that I conversed with you . I’m a vagrant. I don’t have anyplace to hurry to on the off chance that she drive me out” she argued enthusiastically

“You can definitely relax. Am I not the proprietor of this house? nothing will happen to you dear”, Chinedu had guaranteed with assurance

It was this affirmation that got reality tumbling out

“Oga, I am ravenous
“what do you mean you are ravenous! Will I feed you like a child” Chinedu inquired

“lady didn’t give me any food. She possibly gave me harsh soup yet when I was unable to eat it and drank garri with milk all things being equal, we saw the plate while I was washing it and beat me seriously with stick she scoured pepper and wouldn’t give me supper”

“Are you certain of what you said, Chinedu asked tragically

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