Love and War: Consequences of wickedness Episode 1

Love and War: Consequences of wickedness Episode 1

Chidinma was brought into the world in an exceptionally unfortunate family . Her mom was one of those ladies who earned enough to pay the bills by uncovering stones or shakes and utilizing mallet to break them into little pieces and offering to tipper drivers. it was a troublesome work at this point she scarcely bring in sufficient cash to cook for her four kids.

Her significant other who was a side of the road vulcanizer had passed on when Chidinma, his most memorable kid was twelve years of age. Clearly Chidinma was no more bizarre to neediness and need.

Chidinma was in essential 5 when her dad passed on and in any event, when he was alive, Chidinma and her kin then, at that point, were consistently the last to pay their school expenses. She was unable to count the times she and her kin were sneered at by different students when the educators had called them out before the entire school when they actually owed the school even expense days to the end date and after they had been cautioned not to come to school

She had detested going to class as a result of the humiliation however her dad had consistently given her letters to the headmistress arguing for additional time.

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