Love and War: Consequences of fiendishness Episode 2

Love and War: Consequences of fiendishness Episode 2

Now that she had lost her dad, she went from griddle to fire. She exited school to help her mom in her business of breaking and selling stone at the quarry.

The main thing going for Chidinma was her excellence. She was an exceptionally lovely young lady and any young fellow that saw her without going to see her priority a difficult neck.

Five years after the demise of her dad, Chidinma, at seventeen years old, ran into a youthful rich man who had been harmed a few by the treachery and terrible habits of his progressive city young lady companions and who was prepared to wed quickly. This young fellow named Chinedu Okolo saw her on one of his visits to the town and chose to wed her due to her magnificence and appearing blamelessness.

He got his kin to follow through on her pride cost and assumed control over the installment of her school charges up until she took her JSS assessment, which she bombed tragically. He then accepted her to Onitsha as his better half.

It was the point at which she came to live with her better half that Chidinma acknowledged how affluent her significant other is. He turned out to be a merchant of Rolex watch. He had raked in tons of cash, he had five unique places of which he was possessing one of them. Chidinma needed nothing that cash could purchase.

Her better half cash right away went to her head. She needed frantically to have a place with the stream set ladies around their area and quickly, she searched out just spouses of the most extravagant men around their area and for all intents and purposes constrained herself on them for kinship. She would acquaint herself with any of the rich women she needed as companion in this or comparable way:

“Dear, so you are the proprietor of this Acura Jeep? Goodness! Do you have at least some idea that I nearly confused it with mine? I have the most recent model of this, I mean the 2013 model. I didn’t accompany it to chapel today since I accompanied my Hummer Jeep. That is the one that fits the shade of my suit, you see. Goodness I neglected to present myself. I go by Chidinma Okolo, My significant other is Chinedu Rolex watch”.

She enjoyed her own voice and would talk finally without understanding that the individual to whom she was conversing with had not expressed a word.

a large number of such ladies would simply answer her courteously yet would in this way stay away from her as they viewed her as being excessively bombastic, idiotic and talkative.

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