Love and Romance: Road To Abuja, JULIA Episode 1

Love and Romance: Road To Abuja, JULIA Episode 1

What a daily existence… Working hard such a long time to get to where I am today certain paid off… Success is certain better and energizing when you work for it, Instead of bamboozling your direction into it… But we should not neglect.. Working without a little petitioning God won’t ever work.. Eventually, I express gratitude toward God for making my future a brilliant one .

I go by Julia… A lady of 31 and my very own CEO drug organization, I have no guardians, they passed on when I was youthful, so my uncle Reginald took me in and raised me up to be lady I am today.
My uncle was extremely severe with me, I wasn’t permitted to hang out and have any public activity with different children when I was youthful, the main sidekick I had were my books, He made me concentrate consistently yet he gave personal opportunity to unwind, and aside from that, He zeroed in on showing me legitimate habits, on the most proficient method to approach and regard individuals, My uncle got me up in a severe and straightforward way, consequently changing me into an intense person.

In light of how I was raised, I had no companions and I generally focused on my work, I had no opportunity to carry on one day to the next the like the others and I wasn’t keen on doing as such,… Because of my dedication to work, I had no sound connection with men.. My most memorable sweetheart finished things between us, since I was continuously focusing harder on work than him.. Frankly, he was exhausting and a horrendous darling, he was unable to last 5 mins in bed… My subsequent Lover was one of my drivers in my organization and he goes by Jack…
Jack was different person out and out he wasn’t the sort of fellow I typically have interest in however there was an alluring thing about him.. He has this strange cool look all over that turns a lady on, in addition to he’s enchanting.. He was very tall and very much constructed, dull, striking, dynamic and lively… I wouldn’t delve into subtleties of how we connected yet he was certainly a man.. The following day when Jack came to work, I terminated him… obviously he didn’t take it likely.. He offended me calling a wide range of names, he harmed a properties in my office to show his dismay, I needed to call the safety officers to toss him out.. It took some time before they had the option to toss me out of organization cause before he was tossed out, He had taken out 3 watchmen to a condition of extreme lethargies.

The men I dated after Jack were only unadulterated poo and useless men.. All they needed from me was my cash, and the most terrible part is they weren’t adequate in bed either. Though I prefer not to just own it, I’ve missed his touch and how well he’s dealt with me. He was the main man that knew my points of weakness..
During working hours, on account of that my shirt generally get drenched with my bosom milk… .You might see this as abnormal however it isn’t… Everyone has some sort of hereditary sickness or infection, well mine was galactorrhea.

So subsequent to dating one useless man to another, I chose to quit dating men and concentrate on my work.. Everything worked out pleasantly yet everything changed when I met Marcus.
Marcus is my representative and an intense one at that, He generally commit his chance to try sincerely and prevail in addition to he’s a seriously aggressive individual.. A few months after he began working in my organization, I compensated his endeavors and made him my Executive supervisor of the organization… He was satisfied and said thanks to me for the proposition… With time, we started to fancy each other and not long after that we turned into a couple…

Marcus was very great in bed yet he would never satisfy up to the guidelines of Jack.. Marcus was very sensible, to some degree half bread is superior to none Indeed.. Marcus was brilliant, kind and a hard worker..Unlike different folks who couldn’t endure with me as far as my work, Marcus and I agree concerning work.. We zeroed in on our work serious and we figured out how to keep up with our relationship in light of how occupied we don’t have the opportunity to get physically involved with each other.. In any case, from that point forward, Things have been going very well.

One Monday morning, I awakened feeling a lot peculiar, I extended myself on my bed for some time before I got out, from that point onward, I wore my running outfit and went for a mile run ? around my home, 30 mins later, I felt depleted and tired, I returned into the house and cleaned up, Having a virus shower ? after an activity is certain completely exhilarating and it keeps your body enthusiastic…
From that point forward, I made myself some morning meal and afterward wore my garments… I generally cherished perusing the news ? on my telephone at whatever point I have breakfast, I can’t manage without it… Whilst I was perusing the information, I saw a title which discussed the economy expansion.. That is only Nigeria for you , ordinary expansion builds… How do this administration anticipate that individuals with lesser pay should adapt? Just getting by can be a struggle and they ought to essentially consider this individuals yet no… All these rats contemplate is bringing in cash.. That is the reason great individuals have become criminals and ruffians over night . May God help every one of us.

Quickly I was finished with breakfast, I appealed to God quietly in my psyche requesting that he safeguard me from any person or thing who wishes me sick adversity and to bring me home back securely.. From that point onward, I took my vehicle keys and headed to work…
Minutes after the fact, I showed up at my organization ?, I left my vehicle and went into the structure to begin the present work… As I was strolling to my office, my partner and secretary, Gina, blocked me.

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