Love and Romance: Road To Abuja, JACK Episode 2

Love and Romance: Road To Abuja, JACK Episode 2

Ladies! They’re only a revile and a gift simultaneously, yet ideally I might want to call them snakes.
They’re so flighty, irritating, and most awful of all they’re so painful and fussy..
Yet, not all ladies are that terrible yet there was one that had demolished my life all in light of something that wasn’t totally my issue.. Before I was procuring a decent compensation and was carrying on with a pleasant agreeable life, Life was great and superb however everything that was detracted from me by this lady.. Here is all everything occurred.

I was once a driver for a drug organization, I had great compensation, great working air and I was residing in some little measure of solace, right when I assumed I had all that Julia went along… Julia was the proprietor and the CEO of the drug organization where I worked at, so in fact she’s my chief… Up till today I considered what she found in a person like me, it isn’t so much that I’m not truly alluring yet ladies like her ought to be with folks like… Let’s simply say Dino melaye or any of those rich political canines.. Be that as it may, no she picked me.. I wouldn’t agree that I could do without the lady, I in all actuality do cherish her, not as a result of her riches or everything except she’s damn excessively fine and appealing for any man

Julia moved toward me to have a close connection, yet for me to fulfill her dreams and on the off chance that there’s one thing I can never miss that thing is a section between a lady’s legs and in addition to any lady.. I gave her what she longed for and in some cases significantly more, Truly, I never felt this great any elegant Julia. In seven days we would do it like four to multiple times and we generally went through very nearly an hour cøpulating like two wild monsters in a mating season.

What we had happening between us was astonishing however sadly like everything out wild tomfoolery reached a conclusion.
One evening, I went to her home to check whether she wanted any kerewa, however she wasn’t at home, tragically so I met just her house keeper, and that was where things got somewhat surprising, I realized she would have been furious yet it ended up being more than I expected.. She shouted, seethed and curser both me and the house cleaner, her eyes were awful as though she was going homicide us.. She terminated the servant in a moment and sent me out of her home.. I left with practically no quarrel and I thought she’d chill off by tomorrow.

The following morning I got to work, I got the shock of my life when I heard I was terminated.. I proceeded to go up against Julia asking her the justification behind what reason I was terminated however she gave me no answer, She before long sent the gatekeepers to toss me out of the organization, I was frantic to such an extent that I took some of them out before I left.

It didn’t take me long to summarize everything together.. She was envious on the grounds, I fail to understand the reason why she ought to fire me hence, we had no committed relationship, In the event that she needed a relationship for what reason didn’t she say as much? I disdain her from that point forward and committed to manage her assuming we at any point ran into each other.

So that is the manner by which my life was detracted from me, not any more fat pay rates, not any more agreeable air, no nothing and all that happened last year . Presently I had returned to square zero and I needed to begin back from the scratch.
Regardless of the reality, I was an experts degree holder in Economics, finding a new line of work was extremely, hard, So I needed to battle, I was the lone offspring of my mother and we had nobody to go to with the exception of God! So I devoted my chance to try sincerely and facilitate my mom’s weight, The compensation I got from my previous driver’s work empowered me to provide my mother with a tad of extravagance and now that I was terminated, everything was back how it was and that’s what the most exceedingly terrible part was, My mom was currently debilitated.. I just couldn’t sit by and sit idle, she had been my beginning and end and had done her absolute best to make me the man I am today and I can’t simply allow her enduring to go to squander, so I needed to hustle harder than any time in recent memory.

I before long got a little line of work and this time I was a driver once more, I was employed by a little driving organization called Flashco transport, they assists individuals with moving merchandise or drive extraordinary individuals or VIPs around to their different areas, So far all I’ve done is move products and that pays a lot yet its worse than not been paid.
My kindred driver and companion, Johnson was the fortunate one he will drive VIPs around and gets a tip from them and a pleasant compensation from the organization. He would constantly inform me regarding his experiences and the tricky let me know that he had once laid down with a couple of the female VIPs.

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