Love and Heart Break: Sad Thing, Episode 2

Love and Heart Break: Sad Thing, Episode 2

Camila went to her dad and mentioned for a tremendous measure of cash.
“Father, please, I want 500,000 thousand naira” Camila said in a low Tone.
Camila’s dad was confused for some time.
“Father please, it’s significant” Camila added.

Camila’s dad actually didn’t express a word right away, he considered what was the deal with his main little girl, on the grounds that of late she had turned out to be excessively exhausting.
“Camila I thought you had multiple million in your record, don’t let me know you have depleted all that cash in only a month” Camila’s dad at last said.

Camila couldn’t answer, she gazed at her dad Speechlessly.
“Let me my girl know going on, simply last week your mother let me know she moved 800 hundred thousand to your record, that is an all out amount of 3.8million, on the off chance that I don’t realize you well, I would have felt that you are taking medications” Camila’s dad proceeded.

“Father I can never take drugs, God preclude, Dad I’m running a cause occasion, to help the debilitated and poor people, you and mother have consistently urged me to help other people and that I ought to never feel that I’m good than anybody” Camila lied.
“Truly? That is great… I’m pleased with you my young lady” Camila’s dad entered and he vowed to move more 10 million naira to Camila’s ledger the following day.
Camila was so energized however when her dad left, her grin went in to a fast glare.

Camila who had never deceived her folks felt regretful yet she failed to address it, her affection for Emmanuel couldn’t allow her to do things right.

Camila couldn’t fail to remember the SADDEST THING that happened to her, was losing her folks to the virus hands of death. They had simply gone to Abuja for a wedding function, Camila recollected how she nearly obliged them yet without a second to spare, her mom advised her to remain behind.
“Camila you are simply recuperating from a disease, it’s anything but really smart assuming you show up with us, you really want to rest my kid” Camila’s mom had said.

“Mother no, I need to go along, satisfy mother, I will be forlorn” Camila said she was nearly crying tears.
‘darling in practically no time we will be back from Abuja, you are recuperating from a horrendous sickness that wrecked your framework ” Camila’s mom had said and Camila’s dad gestured in understanding.

“We will be back tomorrow, if it’s not too much trouble, deal with yourself my dear” Camila’s dad finished up and embraced her so firmly, it was to be sure a last embrace.
The exquisite couple made a beeline for the air terminal to get their trip to Abuja.
In any case, it was a pity that they never got to their objective, as thier flight crashed en route to Abuja.

Camila cried like she planned to bite the dust, she was unable to be reassured. She nearly freaked out.

A half year after she lost her folks, her dad’s family members nearly took all that Camila’s folks abandoned however say thanks to God they left their last will with their lawyer, as per the will Camila acquired every one of her folks had separately, making her the most well off young woman in africa.

Camila and Vivian had shown up at the door, Vivian who was at the directing at just horned at the entryway, taking Camila back to her detects.
“Goodness where is your security man, he kept us balancing here in the entryway for near 5 minutes now” Vivian said smoothly and simultaneously she gazed into her dearest companion’s eyes.
“Truly?” Camila figured out how to answer.
“Yes,… Camila, you didn’t express a word all through the commute home, in any event, when I raised a discussion, you didn’t answer, ” Vivian griped.

“Please accept my apologies my companion, I was lost in my own idea, I wish my folks are here with me, I miss them so much, when they kicked the bucket, I ran into marriage with Emmanuel feeling that he would make up for that shortfall they left in my heart, I gave Emmanuel my heart and all that I had yet how did he respond, he broke me, my life won’t ever continue as before, I wedded him one year after I lost my folks, step by step I started to see that he was more keen on my cash, he is more cherishing when I give him cash yet when I don’t, he will be upset to such an extent that he would took steps to be with another lady who might give him loads of cash… I shouldn’t have gotten hitched to him, he destroyed my life, I have lost my confidence as a result of that dumb marriage and in any event, finishing it couldn’t bring me harmony” Camila said tranquilly and she cleared removes from her eyes.
Vivian who couldn’t tolerate watching her dearest companion endure, embraced her and she made an honest effort to support Camila.

Each spending day, Camila turned out to be exceptionally discouraged, she had made an honest effort to conceal her sentiments from everybody particularly her dearest companion vivian, she was fed up with being felt sorry for.

Camila steadily went to liquor as she visited bars for two or three beverages. The more she attempted to fail to remember her distress with containers of liquor, the more she became dependent on drinking.

One night, Camila was at the bar as expected drinking her distresses away, when a young fellow approached her table.
“Hi wonderful” the young fellow entered.
“Who… Are … You?” Camila asked in her tanked state.

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